Monday, September 27, 2010

Hunter's Moon by Kate Evangelista

Every now and again I'd like to write about books that haven't even been published. While waiting to finish my next Book Review, which will be on The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stiegg Larsson, I'd like to introduce Kate Evangelista. Kate provided me with the first chapter of her story Hunter's Moon. Hunter's Moon is currently unpublished and up for review by agents.

The first chapter of Hunter's Moon reminded me slightly of the first of the Twilight Series books by Stephenie Meyer when the main character Bella meets the vampire Edward Cullen.

The setting in Hunter's Moon is a high school and the new boy, Dillan Sloan, has a curious interest in the female lead character who comes equipped with a slight premonition ability. Kate seems to have a knack for creating characters that are cute and lovable. She is also able to create an atmosphere that is light and fun-loving. Her first chapter set the scene for a story involving psychic abilities, the boy-girl friendship that every young girl wants, a bubbly best-friend, a new boy with a curious past and a world that yearns for love (and other interesting things) to happen.

I enjoyed reading the first chapter of Kate's Hunter Moon and hope the book is published soon so I can review the entire story. Good luck Kate and Happy Writing!

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