Sunday, October 23, 2011

Before the Moon Rise by Dawn Gray

The cure for the darkness and death of a vampire is the light. Vampires feeding off of the one who holds the light are able to feel their heart beat again, their skin no longer turns to ash in the day, their stench of death retreats, and their coldness melts to warmth.

The light, protected and flowing in the blood of the unknowing Lily Reynolds, awakens the attraction of the vampires when Lily decides to vacation in New Orleans with her friend Kylie. Meeting up with a friendly historian and a strange, mysterious, very attractive man, they find themselves hunted by the local blood-thirsty beings.

Secrets reveal themselves about their new friends and about the history of the DeLaCrouix family line. Is history to repeat itself? Or will the addition of the strange new man keep the vampires from the blood they seek to steal?

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